Health Insurance

With an AMTA membership, finding and applying for health insurance plans has never been easier.

AMTA Optional Insurance Program

Health Insurance Solutions offers a variety of health insurance plans from leading carriers nationwide including:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Celtic
  • HealthNet
  • Fortis
  • Golden Rule
  • Pacific Life
  • And many more

Compare prices side-by-side online, or talk to a live agent if you have specific questions about plans.

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Note: Restrictions may apply in some states.

AMTA is unable offer a group discount to members on health insurance, or "group" health insurance coverage. Most references to group insurance plans are about employer-provided group plans where an employer defrays the cost of insurance by picking up some or all of the cost of the insurance plan for employees. Outside of employer-provided plans, there are no other group plans available in the U.S. insurance market. Therefore, although we would like to offer our members a “group-like” health insurance plan, we cannot do so.

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