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  1. Ernie J. Kidd

    Ernie J. Kidd Active Isolated Stretching, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone Therapy,…

    (434)531-5811 - Charlottesville, VA


    Ernie J. KiddErnie J. Kidd

    Charlottesville, VA...

  2. Victor Roberts

    Victor Roberts Active Isolated Stretching, Cancer/Oncology Massage, Deep Tissue massage,…

    (281)546-7776 - Houston, TX


    Victor RobertsVictor Roberts

    Houston, TX...

  3. Jason K. Yeske

    Jason K. Yeske Active Isolated Stretching, Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic Drainage,…

    (702) 528-6438 - Henderson, NV


    Jason K. YeskeJason K. Yeske

    (702) 528-6438
    Henderson, NV...

"As a professional member of AMTA, I have found comfort in knowing that all the effort I put into obtaining my massage certification is recognized and protected. AMTA standards validate the profession."

Kim K., AMTA member since 2003