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Our Services

Our services are always performed in the comfort of your home.  We bring our table, our sheets, and our organic body lotions and scrubs to you for your benefit.  We find this makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.  This also means that when your treatments are complete there is no fuss for you.  

Our Lotions, Oils, and Scrubs

Extra virgin coconut oil has many benefits on the body which is why we have always utilized it during all of our in-home treatments.  We ensure our extra virgin coconut oil is free of hydrogenation, bleaching, or refinery in any way and lacks any fragrances or dyes before we work our magic with it.  Our extra virgin coconut oil is then combined with our organic sugars, salts, and body lotions so that it will invigorate, nourish, and moisturize your skin while our treatments help to refresh, relax, and melt all the muscles in your body.

Techniques practiced

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Swedish Massage

Where I practice

  • Client’s House
  • Client’s Office

Clients accepted

male, female


Experience: 0-3 years


I do not accept insurance



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