Massage Therapy for Clients with Diabetes

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Review the types, risks, symptoms, treatment and complications of diabetes, including the effects of diabetes on pregnancies and the complementary adjunct therapies available. Learn methods to successfully expand your massage therapy practice to include clients with diabetes.

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Access extensive background on the types of diabetes as well as those at risk for the disease. In addition, learn the symptoms, treatments and common diseases and conditions that may arise when a massage client has diabetes.

Review research to determine the value of massage therapy for massage therapy clients with diabetes and methods for enlarging your practice to include clients with this condition. When you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the role massage therapy can play for clients with diabetes and your practice.
  • Define the types of diabetes and the conditions that may arise for massage clients with diabetes.
  • Describe the risk factors and statistics for those with diabetes.
  • Describe treatments for clients with diabetes.
  • Describe the effects of diabetes on pregnancies.
  • Describe how to approach health care professionals who treat patients with diabetes.

About the author(s)

Nancy Porambo has been in private practice for 25 years, specializing in neuromuscular therapy and chronic pain. She completed graduate studies in 2002 and teaches in massage schools, as well as college-level psychology courses. Nancy is an advocate for massage licensing and is an AMTA past president.

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