Massage Therapy for Post-Operative Pain

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Get an explanation of post-operative pain, traditional protocols for helping relieve post-operative pain, as well as how massage therapy can be used to help patients better manage post-operative pain. Specific surgeries, some of the most common types of pain experienced by post-operative patients, as well as when massage therapy is contraindicated are also covered.


Explore how pain complicates healing in post-operative patients. Research underlines the value of massage therapy for these patients when contraindications and side effects of pain-relieving medications are considered. Get a view of the hospital work environment. When you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the role massage therapy can play in improving patient outcomes for post-operative patients.
  • Describe how post-operative pain affects healing from surgeries.
  • Identify pain-relieving medications, their methods of administration, and side effects.
  • Describe how massage therapy can relieve post-operative pain and the contraindications for massage therapy.
  • Define the hospital setting for massage therapists.


This course contains information that is proprietary. None of the material contained within this course may be used without the express written permission of AMTA unless otherwise indicated in the course. As a reminder, before practicing any new modalities or techniques, check with your state’s massage therapy regulatory authority to ensure they are within the state’s defined scope of practice for massage therapy.

About the author(s)

For over 30 years, Rose Adams’ work with massage has been in private practice, collaboration with local healthcare providers, including 9 years working as a massage therapist in the hospital setting. Currently, Rose sees cancer patients and the elderly weekly at local healthcare facilities and is a teacher and clinic supervisor at Arizona School of Integrative Studies. She has continued her path of ongoing learning in massage including acupressure, cross fiber, cranio- sacral, pregnancy and infant massage, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, massage for cancer patients, and breast cancer rehabilitation and Qigong for healing. 

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