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AMTA Recommendation Timeline: Submission and Approval

Date Action Step
Anytime An individual member or group of members can develop a recommendation
Anytime Recommendation should be discussed at least at a Chapter Board meeting and preferably at a Chapter meeting and then authorized to be submitted by the Chapter by a majority vote of the Chapter or Chapter Board of Directors
March 15 Chapter must submit proposals for consideration preceding the convention at which they are to be considered, for the HODOC review
April 15 HODOC will return the proposals giving the chapters’ time to make changes they deem desirable and return them to the HODOC by the May 1st deadline
May 1 If the chapter chooses not to alter their recommendation on the suggestion of the HODOC, or fails to make the deadline for said alternations, then the recommendation will be considered to be submitted in its last revised version for consideration by the HOD
90 days before HOD meeting Recommendations are sent to all delegates, Chapter Presidents HOD meeting and chapter secretaries

Chapters shall be responsible for making the recommendations
available to the Chapter members
HOD Fall Meeting House of Delegates votes on recommendations
After Convention The HODOC Chair shall submit the recommendations approved by the House of Delegates for consideration on the next available National Board Directors agenda

The HODOC Chair shall report to the House of Delegates on the response of the National Board of Directors to the prior House of Delegates recommendations
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