Soft Tissue Treatment Techniques for the Low Back, Hips, Legs & Feet


April 14, 2011, 8 am–3:30 pm

Holiday Inn Des Moines Northwest
4800 Merle Hay Rd
Des Moines, IA 50322


Rehabilitative Techniques for Common Pain and Injuries of the Low Back, Pelvis and Lower Extremity 
Massage has been utilized by professional and amateur athletes for years. Many active individuals suffer from the same types of soft tissue injuries sustained by athletes, and more and more of them are realizing the benefits of clinical sports massage techniques. Regardless of whether overuse injuries and pain syndromes are a result of the physical demands of a job, an active lifestyle, or involvement in recreational or professional sports, sufferers can greatly benefit from structural integration and muscle energy techniques applied by a well-trained professional. 
In this one-day seminar, attendees will examine common structural imbalances of the low back, pelvis and lower extremities that can contribute to painful and debilitating conditions including sciatica, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis and other conditions down the legs to the feet. Participants will perform manual manipulation techniques that work to stretch and lengthen fascia and muscle and restore postural alignment. In addition, attendees will learn to assess and correct imbalances in the lower extremities by utilizing structural integration, which rebalances the fascial network. Finally, muscle energy techniques will be demonstrated, which utilize post isometric relaxation to reset the muscles by changing their tone, re-organizing fascia, normalizing function and balancing the body's structure. Much of the course will be devoted to demonstration and hands-on practice of structural integration and muscle energy techniques so that these skills can immediately be incorporated into existing routines and treatment protocols for improved results.
What You Will Learn:
• Recognize structural imbalances in the low back, pelvis and lower extremities
• Increase your understanding of soft tissue injuries common to athletes and active people
• Demonstrate structural integration and muscle energy techniques to treat soft tissue abnormalities in the low back and down to the feet
• Learn how to safely and effectively integrate these hands-on skills into your current practice
• Identify and assess painful conditions of the low back, hips, legs and feet that are associated with structural imbalance and postural deviation
• Explain the neurological effects and indications for utilizing muscle energy techniques
• Demonstrate muscle energy techniques for the low back, pelvis and lower extremities in a practical lab
• Explain the utilization of structural integration as a treatment modality to correct postural imbalances
• Demonstrate structural integration techniques for the low back, hips, legs and feet in a practical lab
• Examine ways to integrate structural integration and muscle energy techniques into your clinical practice
Your Presenter:
GARY SCHWANDER, BS, LMT, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider who has practiced therapeutic and rehabilitative sports massage since 1989 and has taught sports massage courses since 1992. Gary currently provides therapy for numerous professional and amateur athletes at the Galleria Athletic Club in Atlanta, GA, and teaches a 130-hour clinical sports massage course at the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Norcross, Georgia. He also teaches continuing education courses at various schools around the country. In 1996, Gary was selected as an Athletes' Medical Services Massage Therapist during the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, where he provided sports Massage for professional and international tennis athletes at the Stone Mountain Tennis Venue. He was also a member of the 2002 Winter Olympic Sports Massage Team in Salt Lake City, Utah, working in the Olympic Athletes' Village. Additionally, Gary has worked at the New York Mets Rehabilitation Clinic in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. He is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association Georgia Chapter.

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