Craniosacral Therapy for Infants


August 22–26, 2011

Hayward, CA


The work I do with infants is efficient, powerful and lasting. I have seen amazing results. There are so many infants who would benefit from this therapy and so few people to treat them. I believe that if infants get early treatment they are more likely to realize their life’s potential and less likely to need ongoing care.

Only a few craniosacral therapy training programs offer any infant treatment instruction. They all require students to complete many levels of expensive training before they can learn to treat infants. I believe that the beginning of life is where the work should begin. This five-day class includes an infant anatomy review plus lectures, demonstrations and lots of supervised hands-on practice with classmates and babies. In order to maximize learning success class enrollment is limited to six students.

Subtle Hands-On Skills  is the required prerequisite for this class. This requirement will be  waved if you have already taken a CST class with Carol Gray.

By the end of this five-day class you should be able to:
Describe the historical and theoretical foundations of the work
Identify physical, energetic and emotional effects of the birth process
Conduct an interview with parents
Demonstrate sensitive palpation skills
Use assessment techniques to identify body areas that would benefit from treatment
Locate and release physical, energetic and emotional restrictions
List clinical considerations
Provide basic treatments for healthy newborns
Know when to refer an infant to a different practitioner
Make a big difference in the lives of the babies you treat

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