Wholistic Manual Medicine MMT I Muscle & Emotion


February 19–20, 2011

Keith R. Barbour D.O. 1rst in Series of 5
Monroe, MI 48161


Classes leading to proficiency as

a Manual Medicine Technician



MMT I—Muscle & Emotion 14 C.E. Hours

Understand the foundation upon which all release

techniques are built. Explore relationships of muscle to

the autonomics and emotions.


MMT II—Fascia & Thought 14 C.E. Hours

Expand the effectiveness of treatment through fascia

release. Explore relationships to the immune system and



MMT III—Viscera & Feelings 14 C.E. Hours

Learn the release of the internal organs and their

relationship to the neuromuscular system and feelings.


MMT IV—Bone & Spirit 14 C.E. Hours

Learn the physiology of bone to facilitate release of

entire regions of the body (remaining within the scope

of practice of soft-tissue therapists).


MMT V—Cranium & Life Force 14 C.E. Hours

Study the release of the cranial system and the dura, and

their relationship to the whole person. Learn to integrate

all knowledge and experience into a single approach.


Advanced Cranial 14 C.E. Hours

Advanced approaches related to cranium and dura.


Ethics 6 C.E. Hours

Professional boundaries and communication.


Immune System 7 C.E. Hours

Resolving key problems related to the immune system.


Lower Extremities & Sacrum 14 C.E. Hours

Resolving key problems in the lower extremities.


Upper Extremities 7 C.E. Hours

Resolving key problems in the upper extremities.


Course Objectives


These classes are designed for clinicians who wish to  improve their understanding and skill in

manual medicine (hands-on evaluation and

treatment ).  The classes provide a broad overview of the principles involved in manual medicine as well as an in-depth look at their practical application and technique.




Participants will come away with a greater

understanding of manual techniques and their role in medicine today.  They will gain insight into the

application of these techniques and learn how to

include them in their practice to improve patient

responses and satisfaction, as well as their bottom line.


Who should attend?


This course is intended for Massage Therapists,

Manual Medicine Technicians, Physical Therapists, and Physicians who want to improve their knowledge base, skills, and marketability in Manual Medicine.


Course Contents


Functional Anatomy

The Act of Perception

Structural Evaluations

Physics of Release Techniques

Integration with Medical Settings

Exercise and Movement Activities

Self-Help Exercises

Mind-Body Relationships

Extensive Lab Time


Each class teaches proficiency in the

evaluation and treatment of specific tissues, their corresponding aspects of the mind, and the body’s self-healing systems. The simplest tissues are covered first and more complex ones will follow, with each class serving as a prerequisite to the next.  Once finished,

participants will be able to evaluate and treat the whole person.


“Have him teach more classes.  I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Barbour in the world.  I really enjoyed the material in this class and he made sure we all knew it — Review, Review, Review!  He is truly of the best instructors.” 


“Dr. Barbour is the greatest instructor.  Class is well

balanced and info is superior.  This is what the entire world needs to heal itself.”  R.S., Greenville, OH


“I really appreciate learning this work — it is wonderful new tools for me and my clients.”  M.V., St. Henry, OH


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