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AMTA's massage student e-source  is a bimonthly, e-newsletter designed for massage therapy students. Inside each issue, you'll find resources to jump-start your career, articles to help you start and build your practice, and other tools geared specifically toward AMTA Student members. Check out the archives below for references to guide you as you begin your career as a massage therapist.

Workplace Option: Health Care
Jan 30, 2014
One of the many things you need to think about, whether you're just about to graduate or are in the thick of your massage therapy program, is where you'd like to practice when you're finished with school. There's a lot of opportunity in the profession, so you can find an environment, or multiple work settings, that match your interests. Here's a glimpse of what to expect in a health care environment.
Tips for Handling Stress
Jan 30, 2014
In recent years, we’ve discovered more and more about how stress affects a person’s health. Medical studies are continually pointing to the very real effects stress has on our bodies and minds. So, it seems only natural to pay attention—and make a real effort to find ways of dealing with stress.
Self-Care: The Power of Self Talk
Jan 30, 2014
As you start your massage therapy education, make sure you're aware of the messages you're sending to yourself.
Ethics: Maintaining Boundaries
Aug 15, 2013
There are boundaries and ethical lines you can't cross of course, and there are still others that may change over time. Being able to adeptly negotiate all of these issues is key to career success.
Indications for Massage: Lupus
Aug 15, 2013
Pain is a primary symptom of lupus. Research is showing what massage therapists have long known: massage therapy can help relieve pain and stress.

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